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Affiliated to Shandong Tobacco Investment Management Limited Company, Shandong ZhongWei ZhongHao Grand Hotel is situated by the Jinan city moat, which is embraced by plenty of scenic spots and historical sites. The hotel is a four-star international tourism hotel integrating catering, accommodation, meeting and amusement. In the guest rooms, you can overlook beautiful sceneries such as Qianfo Mountain in the south, the rippling Daming Lake in the north. In addition, with the brilliantly lit Quancheng Road to its west side and the transportation hub Jiefang Bridge in the east, you will enjoy the splendid night scene of "one lake and one ring park" - the new beauties of "Night Banquet of Spring City (Jinan)". We can guarantee you a satisfied experience with beautiful surroundings and convenient traffic.

In our hotel, there are 318 guestrooms in various types. Our unique and elegant design, top grade fitment, and considerate and passionate service staff make us the perfect choice for both business elites and travelers.

Shandong Zhonghao Grand Hotel Limited Company
Address:No. 165 Jiefang Road, Jinan, Shandong Province
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