Hotel Culture

• Was named "Jinan foreign tourist unit"

• Was named "municipal hygiene unit"

• Was named "Shandong Provincial Tourism consumer trust unit"
• Was rated as the "advanced unit" for the excellent performance in the task of
  the investigation of Jinan's working staff's living standard in 2001

• Won the Outstanding Organization Award in "The sixth Jinan restaurant service skills contest
• Was rewarded the third position in the "The sixth Jinan restaurant service skills contest"
• Won the "Donor contributions Memorial Award"

• Was named one of the "Top Ten Tourist star hotels in 2006"
• Was named "Chinese food culture symbolic enterprise"
• Was awarded "Gold leaf green tourist hotel"
• Was named "Corporate credit rating BB-level credit enterprise"

• Was named advanced learning team organization in the third "Creating a learning organization,
  becoming a knowledge-based workers" activities
• Won the Gold Prize in "China (Shandong) and Korean cultural banquet catering exhibition
  in 2008"
• Won the five-star ward in "China's published five-star hotel shops newspaper shop in 2007"
• Was named "Advanced enterprise in Shandong Province catering industry"
• Won the "AA grade corporate credit rating certificate"

• Was named "Grade A of Food Hygiene"
• Was named "Grade A public places"
• Was named "Advanced Production security unit in 2008"
• Was named "Consumer Satisfaction star hotel"
• v "Advanced unit of tourism trade union work in 2008"
• Designated as "the Fifth Council of the unit"
• Designated as "The designated reception hotel of the Eleventh National Games of the People's
  Republic of China"
• Was named "Demonstration unit of Shandong hotel and catering industry, business integrity"
• Was named "Outstanding lighting Jinan City Landscape"

• Was named "production of advanced security units in 2009 "
• Won the "2009" Health Cup "winner of the Competition Honor"
• Was named "2009 peace building advanced unit"
• Was designated as "Shandong Cuisine Association, vice president of the Third Council of unit"
• Was named "The workers' congress standardized advanced units"
• Was named "National Hotel water-saving units outstanding"
• Won the "Second elderly Shandong Tobacco Festival performances Excellence Award"
• Won the "Second elderly Shandong Tobacco Festival organization Excellence Award"
• Was named "municipal health advanced unit"
• Won the "Knowledge of the province's tourist hotel energy saving contest Special
  Contribution Award"
• Was named "the city to receive foreign satellite TV programs advanced unit"
• Was named "Shandong Provincial Tourism Service Brand"
• Won Special Award of the "2011 Shandong (Jinan) Shandong Food Festival"

• Won the "2010 Annual Security production advanced unit"
• Won contribution award in the 2011 "hospitality Shandong New Year"
• Was awarded "Shandong Hotel Gold Star Award"
• Won the "2010 Urban Water Supply advanced unit"
• Won the "Chinese Confucian dishes Development Innovation Award"
• Was awarded the "Youth Civilization"
• Won the "2011 Shandong Hotel Industry Branch Journal newspaper shop selection
  - excellent shops newspaper shop Journal Award, Editor Award"
• Was designated as "food safety integrity management contract hotel"
• Was awarded "under the 2006-2010 calendar area law according to law collective work of art."
• Won the "Jinan City in 2011" New Year will be "beauty contest Chan Outstanding
  Organization Award"
• Won the "Jinan City in 2011" New Year will be "Contribution Award"
• Won the "New Year will be" the most outstanding project award. "
• Was named "2011 annual security culture business model"
• Was named "2011 peace building advanced grass-roots unit in Jinan"

• Was named "advanced collective Jinan make contributions"
• Was named "2011 advanced collectives"
• Was named "the year 2011 the hotel industry in Shandong Province advanced services unit"
• Was named "Shandong Hotel Industry 2011 annual cultural building advanced units"
• Was awarded "Shandong Province, Shandong hospitality hotel industry for 2012 New Year
  will Outstanding Contribution Award"
• Was named "Jinan measurement integrity demonstration unit"
• Was designated as school-enterprise cooperation model base
• Won the "Weijing" Cup 2012 star hotel in Jinan City Tourism Service Skills Competition
  Outstanding Organization Award
• Won the "Weijing" Cup 2012 star hotel in Jinan City Tourism Service Skills Competition Award
• Was named "2012 National Food Industry advanced low-carbon energy units"
• Was named "2011 Lixia saving advanced unit"
• Was awarded "China Shandong Gold Award"

• General Manager Li Chunxiu won the "outstanding CPPCC members honor of the year 2012."
• Was named "2012 advanced collectives"
• Was named "2012 advanced services unit"
• Was named "Building Culture 2012 advanced unit"
• Was named "Jinan city water security work advanced unit"
• Was awarded "Credible Enterprise"
• Won the "2012 member companies and individuals in recognition of advanced services
  advanced enterprise"
• The general manager won the "Top Ten catering industry leader."
• Won the "ten arts Taste Jinan Springs" Shandong inaugural tournament flavor Cuisines
• Was awarded "Enterprise Financial Information Letters advanced unit"
• Won the "Quality Management System Certification certified units"
• Won the "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification certified units"
• Was named "2011-2012 Staff of professional ethics Jinan advanced unit"
• Was named "Lixia spirited unit"
• Was named "China Art Festival Tenth designated hotel."
• Won the "integrity of member units"
• Was named "advanced energy saving units"
• Was named "advanced services unit"
• Was named "Shandong Industry Contribution Award"
• Was named "hospitality Shandong New Year will Outstanding Contribution Award"
• Was awarded "Credible Enterprise"

Shandong Zhonghao Grand Hotel Limited Company
Address:No. 165 Jiefang Road, Jinan, Shandong Province
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